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Winchelsea Road render haringey architecture

Winchelsea Road – Affordable Family Accommodation

key description: Affordable Family Accommodation 
year: 2020
client: Haringey Council
sqm: 89
borough: Haringey Borough Council, Hertfordshire



Unit One Architects have been appointed by the London Borough of Haringey to collaborate on an ambitious programme to deliver 1,000 homes at council rents by 2022. We are proud to be working with a group of specialist consultants and key stakeholders to help them realise these bold targets. We will analyse and develop designs for 9 sites in their programme, ranging in scale from single houses in the Noel Park Conservation area to a 9 storey multi-unit tower in Wood Green.


The proposed house will provide a two-bedroom, four-person dwelling, with an internal floor area of 89m2 on a site which presents unique design challenges in terms of its end of terrace location and the presence of a single-storey extension to the adjoining property on Winchelsea Road. The thin and narrow plan form of the site, along with the single-storey neighbouring extension meant that building a conventional end of terrace house that book-ends the row of terrace houses was not possible.

This led us to develop an innovate and strongly defined concept that allows the new building to follow the roof lines and position of its neighbours and yet is completely distinctive and modern in appearance. 

Our building, by virtue of the constraints of the site, could not have a conventional eaves and roof design, so we have therefore designed the roof as a cohesive zinc form that seamlessly blends the walls into the roof. Instead of a usual, traditional eaves the building is designed without fascias and gutters and so the water can run down the roof and facade and be collected at a lower level. This is achieved by interlocking zinc shingles that form a continuous envelope over the roof and walls. The zinc can be folded to form corners avoiding heavy edging details and secret fixings will present a high-quality external skin incorporating an attractive pattern.

The zinc roof element sits on a plinth of high-quality brickwork which is only used at ground floor level and the walls of the house flow into the garden walls. This gives a horizontality to the proposal which is in contrast to the angular form of the roof elements. The two distinct parts are then linked using colour. A varied, grey coloured stock brick is used which complements and references the Anthracite coloured zinc. Dark grey aluminium windows frames complete the composition and harmonise with the proposal. Interest is given with the clear material differences between the zinc and the heavily textured brickwork.

The proposal seeks to create a contemporary end of terrace property which uses the constraints of the site to its advantage, enabling the property to be a distinctive new addition to the local townscape. The new house has been designed to safeguard neighbouring residential amenity and in particular to minimise overlooking and overshadowing of adjoining properties. The proposal sits directly on the street so the northern elevation has been designed with narrow slot windows and a recessed porch to afford privacy to the property whilst still providing sufficient daylight.