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Western Road

key description: conversion of commercial building
into 3 modern apartmentsĀ & office space
year: 2013 – 2015
client: private developer
sqm: 342
borough: Dacorum Borough Council, Hertfordshire

The site is located behind a series of residential and retail buildings in an attractive Hertfordshire market town. Part of the site (0.2 hectares) has already been reā€“developed into good quality housing, and the remaining site comprises approximately 0.6 hectares of land.

Unit One Architects has obtained planning permission for a section of this site, for a change of use for the first floor from B1 office space, to 3 x 1 bed Residential apartments. The ground floor will remain as commercial B1 office accommodation whilst the developers encourage the remaining owners of plot D to progress planning consents to uplift the surrounding area.

Within this conversion project, Unit One Architects have utilized clever and streamline design elements within the facades/elevations, materials and specification, to deliver a fast track residential conversion into 3 x 1 bed apartments, which provide high quality internal living spaces and are commercially cost effective and optimised for their target market.

The units are all now sold and occupied and the B1 space has been retained and is let out as a long term private investment for our clients.