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Croydon Infill

key description: social housing infill
year: 2017
client: private client

The Opportunity.

The application site lies in the borough of Croydon and is located in Thornton Heath. The project involves an existing business, which is relocating and will then free up the land to provide valuable affordable housing.
The intent is to provide high quality flats within the borough, sited within a well landscaped surrounding.  The scheme is to be in proportion with the surrounding buildings and improve the neighbouring properties outlook and living environment.

The Proposal.

The new block of flats is to provide 15 new units that all have their own private amenity space. A range of unit types has been provided to cater for the variety and demographic of the area. The proposed mix of units are as follows: 2 x 1B1P, 3 x 1B2P, 4 x 2B3P, 4 x 2B4P, 2 x 3B5P.  The block is separated in to 2 parts – the main body, which is 3 storeys and predominantly masonry and glazing; and the second part which is a penthouse style, stepped back element on 3rd floor that is finished in a black zinc clad system.

The elevation treatment has a mixture of yellow stock brick and PPC aluminium panels that are 900mm wide. The panels have been placed to mirror through the centre to create a rational and balanced elevation. Different rib sizes on the 3rd floor cladding have been used to create a similar effect as the PPC aluminium paneling.
Pop out windows with obscured glazing have been used to restrict overlooking and to control views, yet at the same time to bring light in to the flats. The side panels to the pop out glazing will be clear glazing to allow views to the front and rear but the main panel overlooking the adjoining gardens will be obscured.

There are 15 parking spaces provided for the residence, 1 per flat. Covered and secure bin and bike stores are also provided and integrated in to the scheme

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