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3485 Cornwall Road - 2

Social Housing Infill

key description: social housing infill
year: 2017
client: Sanctuary Group

The Opportunity.

This North London site lies sandwiched between two residential roads.   The site also shares a boundary to the south with a row of houses.

The site is a typical social housing estate dominated by tall tower blocks, which are made up of poor inefficient layouts and have a surprisingly low residential density.

There are various areas of the site that are not in use, providing a significant opportunity for infill development and the creation multiple residential units.

The Proposal.

Following careful analysis and feasibility studies, we believe the site presents two clear opportunities for new buildings to be erected.

The first, block 1, is adjacent to the existing block of flats.  Here there is a wide gap in the frontage providing adequate space for a block to be erected, adjoined to the existing flats.  This block will be of similar height and proportions to the existing flats and assimilate well into the street scene.

Block 1 will provide three 1B1P units and a communal roof terrace.  All flats will be dual aspect, with an east/west orientation.

Block 2 is to the east of the site and runs parallel to the eastern boundary.   Whilst this is the larger area of the site, it is the part of the site with the most constraints and is overlooked by the existing flats and houses.

It is these constraints that have shaped the proposal and are reflected in the orientation of the building and the position of the windows and terraces.

Block 2 is a three storey building consisting of two elements, separated by a recessed stair block, breaking up the mass.   The mass and scale of the block is in keeping with the adjacent properties.   The second storey is to be a zinc clad element with a low pitch, helping to reduce the impact and bulk of the proposal.

Each floor provides two units; a mix of 2B3P and 2B4P.  All units are dual aspect, although due to the overlooking issues the views at first and second floor have been controlled with the use of directional windows, louvres and careful positioning.

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