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Bow Conservation Area

key description: extensive refurbishment of 
a Victorian house to provide a family home
year: 2010 – 2012
client: private client
sqm: 105
borough: Tower Hamlets Council, London

A terraced Victorian property in a Bow Conservation Area is extensively renovated to provide for a young growing family. A new two storey extension at the rear provides a family bathroom and baby’s bedroom whilst on the ground floor the kitchen is enlarged and a WC added.

The key intervention with this project was a modern single storey box projecting out from the kitchen into the side garden. This minimal extension provides enough width in this narrow property to provide a dining zone within the kitchen, creating a generous family space.

Unit One Architects were employed to carry out the Concept Design, Planning Permission, Building Control Submission, on Site Supervision and Contract Administration.

The new kitchen links through to the sheltered garden via a level threshold to the timber deck. The family love new space and the improvements it has made to the way they use their home. Innovative storage was added into the hallway in order to maximise storage space and a new WC was tucked under the stairs to provide downstairs facilities.


Unit 1 were fantastic at helping us see the potential of what we could do whilst balancing that against a realistic budget.

They are organised and efficient, always meeting their deadlines and keeping you informed of progress.

Christian is an excellent communicator which meant we had a great relationship but it also meant that we flew through planning with no issues and he kept on top of the builders.

We love our new house particularly the lightweight pop out box extension to the kitchen. It gave us all of the extra room we needed without the extortionate cost. Thank you to Christian and the team!

Alex Parrish – Homeowner