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Alum Chine Log Cabin

key description: Log cabin in area of natural beauty
year: Completed 2017
sqm: 40
borough: Bournemouth
client: Private Client
architecture: Unit 1 Architects

Unit One Architects were appointed to design an elevated log cabin located within the Alum Chine, a conservation area which boasts woodland beauty and wildlife within and leads down to the sea and picturesque Bournemouth coast.

Located within its own gated plot, the log cabin sits among the treetops atop a garage on a steeply sloping site.

The cabin currently rented out as holiday accommodation and is ideal for two adults sleeping downstairs and children on the mezzanine. Built in 2017 to full building regulations, indoors 40sq m, underfloor heating, full kitchen + dishwasher, sun decking 15sq m. Shutters and blinds enable full blackout environment for a good nights sleep.

Unit One Architects also designed a roof and side extension to the existing property on the site, that together with the internal alterations will result in a lovely family home with views towards the seaside.