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Poynton Road

Public Consultation for 2 new units at Poynton Road

A Public Consultation has recently been carried out for a proposal at 4-6 Poyton Road in Tottenham. The site has been a dilapidated site for a number of years, previously being occupied by what is believed to be shops on the ground floor and living accommodation on the upper floor. Working closely with Haringey Council, Unit One Architects have developed a scheme that will shortly be going in for Planning Approval and will serve the local community.

2 new build houses, each with 3 bedrooms, and capable of serving 6 people have been proposed, making a positive contribution to the street frontage and dilapidated site.

The existing site is tightly bounded by the pavement of Poynton Road to the south and the gardens of the surrounding properties on Spencer & Tilson Road, therefore windows and views out have be carefully considered as well as views into the front of the properties controlled from the street.

The Planning Application has a proposal date to be submitted in November 2019, with an outcome in early 2020.