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Mount View Court for Public Consultation

Haringey recently hosted a Public Consultation for the proposal at Mount View Court, just of St Margret’s Way in Haringey. The site itself has poorly used garages and storage units, and is seen as a prime site for an urban residential infill project within a sustainable area of London. Working closely with Haringey Council, Unit One Architects have developed a scheme that was presented to the local residents for their views and comments before a submission for Planning Approval. Prior to the submission, the local residents’ views will be listened to and the scheme will be adapted accordingly to ensure the community that it will serve is at the heart of the development.

4 new build terrace houses, each with 4 bedrooms, and capable of serving 6 people have been proposed, making a positive use of a poorly used site.

The site plan follows the arrangement of existing properties on St Margaret’s Ave, with two pairs of terraces formed of two dwellings. Front doors are located alongside each other in a similar arrangement to adjacent houses. The four individual plots include shared amenity space to the front and private amenity space to the rear, with a mix of hard and soft landscaped areas to reduce maintenance requirements.