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5 Interior Architecture Hacks to Transform Your Home

From quaint and cosy cottages and sky-high apartment blocks to rustic farm houses and inner-city accommodation, every home is different – and the same is true of homeowners. When it comes to making a mark on your property, projecting personality onto your interior will bring you one step closer to architectural excellence.

Adhering to interior design and architecture best practices creates a world of possibilities – and with a creative mindset and focused approach, you can find beauty in every area of your home. In the search for the perfect property, it’s important to add your own creative fingerprint – and in today’s post, we’re bringing you some interior architecture hacks to help you transform your house into a home you love.

1. Exposed brickwork


Getting back to basics doesn’t have to mean giving your interior a complete overhaul – but by stripping back the dense wallpaper, saying goodbye to the complex paint palette and exposing the beautiful brickwork of your building, you’ll unleash your home’s inner character.

A popular interior architecture trend in high-end apartments and quirky conversions, brick walls coupled with hardwood flooring creates a powerful industrial aesthetic – evoking the atmosphere of an old warehouse. Exposed brickwork accompanied by an open log fire gives you a chance to bring some rural charm to a stylish and contemporary living space.

2. Rustic loft layout


For lovers of all things vintage, there are few things more beautiful than a rustic loft layout. Swap out a traditional staircase for sturdy wooden ladders and you can climb up to your own personal den or serenity. Complement the room’s natural wooden beams with a sprinkle of ornate iron accessories to create the perfect first floor sanctuary.

To add the finishing touches to your lair, invest in an old leather armchair (complete with knitted throw), a traditional wooden bed frame and a selection of plant life to complete the ultimate rustic room design.

3. Paint by light


If ambience is important to you, there are a huge number of offbeat interior lighting options out there. While freestanding floor lamps and elaborate ceiling hangings can make decorative additions to any home, finding one stunning statement piece can transform your property in one go – giving you a chance to paint the walls with patterns made by the light.

When it comes to interior design and architecture styles, autumnal browns, golds and yellows will help your lighting solutions to create a calming atmosphere – while adding a splash of colour to a neutral backdrop brings a pinch of bohemian chic to any building.

If you’re uninspired by traditional residential architecture trends, stay up-to-date with our blog, where we bring readers thought-provoking tips and tricks – guaranteed to channel your creativity.

4. Seats of solace


Whether you’re in search of a time out from your toddlers or looking for a cosy nook to do your reading in, you can experiment with your seating options to find the perfect hideaway. If you’re looking for a pew with a view, window seats are the ideal place to kick back – giving you a private sanctuary in the comfort of your own home.

If an oversized armchair is your idea of relaxation, mix up your furniture sizes to see what works best in each room. Whether you want to nestle away in a converted cupboard or curl up by a roaring fire, spend some time designing the ultimate hideaway for those sacred moments of solace.

5. Weird and wonderful windows


When it comes to illuminating your interior, natural light is a residential architect’s most powerful weapon, and can brighten up even the most subdued living space. Whether it’s altering the position, size, frame or number of windows in your home, undertaking this change will be no easy feat – but if you need a breakdown of the ins and outs of planning permission, we can help.

With light bouncing off a number of different surfaces, even properties that don’t benefit from a lot of light can be brought back to life – and some cleverly placed window panes will allow you to frame the daylight, creating an ever-changing interior canvas.

Working your way around the house, get creative with your windows and doors by finding ways to let the light radiate throughout your home. Whether it’s bathing your bathroom in sunlight or letting natural colours creep into your kitchen, shine a light to revitalise every room in the house.