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Winner of Best Houses!!

img_8891Errrrr so we did it again!…Winner of Best Houses at the Haringey Design Awards 2016!! Yessss get in!! (the others never had a chance against such great design…only joking!) Absolutely thrilled to have won another award for our feature project Cozen’s Place. Described as “exquisite design” we are humbled and proud to be amongst the winners at the Awards Ceremony last night held at the beautiful and majestic Grade II Listed Tottenham Town Hall in Haringey.


Congratulations to all the winners of the awards and commiserations to those that lost. As architects, it brings us great joy and satisfaction to be recognised and commended for the work we produce, especially when the praise is being directed from the local council. After all, at our essence, we strive to make the world a better place, whether it is a school, community centre, a pop out burger place made from a shipping container (Burger @N8…need to get ourselves down there for a bit of grub!) or even a home. These buildings, places and the way in which people experience the built environment, shape the way they interact with the world and it is this interaction with space that drives us to create positive and meaningful architecture for all generations to enjoy.

Thank you to the council for putting on a great event last night, we were honoured to have been shortlisted and invited to attend such a fantastic event! Hopefully we will entering future competitions with Haringey (because the phone will be ringing off the hook now!) and we look forward to working with the council once again in the near future.


If you have a development or project in mind and are looking for a great, some might even say award winning architect to help bring your vision to life then please contact us for a free, no obligation, introductory call to discuss your project in further detail. We are always happy to help and give our time to those that value great design.

(All photo’s taken on an IPhone 5s…so excuse the quality, think it may be time to switch to Samsung! Sorry Apple!…)