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Mews Development in North London

It is not often to have a possibility to build a completely new property in London with no demolitions and no extensions involved. This rare occasion was our pleasure lately. The history of this fortunate case starts with not fortunate fact of bombing in WWII.

The unoccupied site was a concrete, back-land plot that sits behind terraced Victorian houses. This originally residential land was hit by a V1 bomb strike in the Second World War and so subsequently has been garages and a scrap yard for over 40 years.


As the back land site was not visible from public vantage points and as the usage of the lock up garages became more and more in-frequent, apparently the site tended to attract anti-social behavior, prostitutes and drug dealers, which was a security risk to the surrounding residential properties. Over years the site change owner two times, and happily become property of Reve Developments. The specialists from Reve saw a unique opportunity for an attractive residential development.

Reve Developments proposal was to create a secure mews development from an unused back land site. They wanted to create three 2-bedroom family houses with front and rear gardens and off street parking. The intention was to build properties that are generous in terms of their space standards and that provide well considered layouts for starter families, couples or individuals.


Unit 1 Architects were employed by Reve Developments to examine the idea. After careful consideration, reaching out to neighborhood, talking with inhabitants of next door properties, we proposed the design to sit as a minimal intrusion into the existing context. The concept was to express the development as a stepped mews so that the massing of the proposal is not concentrated in one area of the site.


The three properties were therefore planned as a group of brick buildings that sit within landscaped strips that maximize the amenity space for the residents by opening up and connecting internal and external spaces.

Each house has been designed to accommodate a west facing private rear landscaped garden, large enough for children to play safely and also for the family to entertain.  There is a level threshold between inside and outside at the rear doors of each house, to provide doorstep play space for under 5 year olds and small children. At the front of each house, there is an east facing lounge window banquet seat for enjoying the morning sunshine.


The new properties will provide off street parking, landscaped private front & rear gardens, generous split level open plan living and luxury interiors with high end detailing, finishes and fittings.



The biggest challenge of this project was the change that this site went through; from a black spot in people minds to a very attractive development. This would not have been possible without the cooperation of neighbors and the Council who were very helpful and motivated to make it possible.


We are proud to have been engaged in this project from concept design through planning permission and building regulations. Reve Developments used our on-site support services right through to completion.