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London Living: 5 Residential Architecture Trends

As the UK’s capital, London is renowned for its dedication to dynamic design – and while art exhibitions and Fashion Week might be high on the city’s social event calendar, the capital’s housing sphere is on trend, too.

As the epicentre of Britain’s architectural scene, London has its finger firmly on the pulse of key design shifts – and today, we’re bringing you some of the latest residential architecture trends taking the capital by storm.

1. Hone in on heritage

Residential Architecture Trends

Whether you’re in the heart of the city or living in the suburbs, when it comes to London, architecture plays a pivotal role in the city’s appeal. While Londoners still hold a candle for modern high rises, the city has come full circle – as more and more residents move towards homes with history. Despite requiring a touch more TLC than new builds, older houses come brimming with bags of personality – and if you’re on the hunt for a Victorian property, there’s no greater place than the capital.

2. Paper covers rock

Looking for a room with a view? As wallpaper makes a controversial return to the interior architecture scene, it’s easier than ever to create a vibrant vision. It might require more effort than simply painting a feature wall – but done right, wallpaper can be as impactful as any paint job. With fine art and faux landscape wallpaper growing in popularity, there are any number of unique ways to overhaul your interior – and there’s no artistic skill required.

3. Bring outside in

As industrial design takes a back seat, nature is snaking its way into the spotlight. With a focus on natural lighting and plants aplenty, this is the ultimate interior trend for the hidden hipster in you. From experimenting with rustic reds to finding new ways to incorporate wood into your rooms, by embracing nature, you can breathe life back into your tired interior.

4. The colour comeback

When it comes to colour, neutral shades have been a prominent feature on the interior architecture scene for the past few years – but white washed walls are paling in comparison to the exciting array of colours which are bursting onto the city’s radar. Perfecting your colour palette can be one of the most exciting parts of shaking up your interior design – and from soft pink pastels to cold, bold blues, there are any number of weird and wonderful shades out there to fill the blank canvas that is your home.

5. Contrast creeps in

If you’re a fan of making a statement, this latest trend will be right up your street. As colour comes back on the scene, we’ll see contrast in other areas, too. With a variety of shades, materials and textures ready to be mixed up, this new trend won’t be so much about competing, but rather about complementing.

In the fast-moving world of design, it can be tough to stay ahead of the game – but when it comes to residential architects, London is one step ahead. The capital has some of the best designers in the business – helping city dwellers inject some personality into their homes and place them firmly on the map of architectural excellence.