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9 Instagram Accounts for London’s Architecture Lovers

London’s landscape is a tapestry of manmade beauty, from imposing office buildings to extraordinary residential architecture – and no-one appreciates the capital’s creative assets like Londoners themselves.

As any Instagram lover will know, this platform is the epicentre of artistic appreciation – bringing together architects, photographers and design lovers of all creeds in celebration of our beautiful world.

If you’re a self-confessed architecture addict, we’ve got your next fix right here. These Instagrammers are every Londoner’s lifeline, bringing the beating heart of the city into vivid colour and shining a bright light on London’s best design work.

Matt Scutt

A photo posted by Matt Scutt (@mattscutt) on

Matt Scutt’s Instagram portfolio is an architecture lover’s paradise, investigating man made form through a designer’s eyes – and his perspective is a fascinating one. No. 1 London Bridge comes alive in the daylight, and this shot perfectly captures the building’s prismatic colouring. @mattscutt

Emmanuel Cole


A photo posted by @ecolephoto on

The Canary Wharf DLR Station is a prime example of the everyday beauty London is famed for – and Emmanuel Cole is the man to capture the character and charisma of urban London. With a feed that brings the city’s vibrant neighbourhoods, moods and colours into glorious focus, Cole’s urban sensitivity makes his Instagram portfolio a lesson for London-based photographers.


Ashley Lewis

A photo posted by Ashley Lewis (@ash) on

No Instagrammer shortlist would be complete without Ashley Lewis – bringing a taste of his travels to followers far and wide. This atmospheric shot captures London in all its glory – urgent, transient and expressive without exception. Follow Ashley for a plethora of digital postcards from across the globe.



A photo posted by tschang (@tschang) on

London’s streets are a testament to the beautiful everyday, and tschang’s Instagram account is full to the brim with fleeting moments from the fast-paced capital. This Shoreditch special pictures urban London at its finest, putting the shabby chic aesthetic of Redchurch Street in the spotlight. @tschang

Mr Whisper


A photo posted by B A L (@mrwhisper) on

Mr Whisper’s photography is all about bottling moments – and it’s thanks to his unique viewpoint that he makes our list. This incredible view of the V&A entrance demonstrates the rewards that come with engaging with your environment, highlighting the treats in store for London’s active spectators.


Hazem Aljarallah

Even the capital’s most heavily photographed attractions can be reinvigorated through new perspectives, and Hazem Aljarallah is a master of reinventing the wheel – photographing everything from cutting-edge commercial buildings to revolutionary residential architecture. This moody composition breathes new life into Big Ben, using an unlikely angle to take this tourist favourite to a new level of aesthetic power. @bu_khaled



A photo posted by Rich (@rich__) on

Known simply as ‘Rich’, this London-based photographer brings striking city shots to the Instagram addicts. His image of the world-renowned Savoy emanates the luxury this palatial hotel is known for – combining architectural opulence with the iconic melancholy of London in the rain.


Adam Sheath

A photo posted by Adam Sheath (@adamsheath) on

Stables Market is one of the city’s great oddities, bringing a cacophony of sights, smells and shopping experiences together in one vibrant amalgamation. Adam Sheath’s Instagram post serves as an apt snapshot of the weird and wonderful market: as colourful and curious as any of London’s bustling backstreets. @adamsheath

Miss Underground


Miss Underground is infatuated with London’s subway system – and her Instagram feed is nothing short of an underground influx. From atmospheric escalators to haunting empty station shots, this loyal Londoner pays tribute to the city’s secrets through a steady stream of tantalising tube station photography.


As residential architects, our love affair with London goes on and on. Explore our blog for expert updates, features and food for thought on the beautiful British capital.