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Planning Permission

Our expertise is not based on design alone.

Our team have a combined background in creative design and development consultancy – and we offer our clients a range of specialist advice on not only the more abstract, design-focused aspects of a project, but also the technical processes that govern the architectural world, such as Planning Permission.

Negotiating the Planning process requires knowledge and expertise, and when teamed with excellent design will provide our clients with the greatest opportunity for success.

Getting planning permission

Planning permissions are an essential part of any architectural project, even within the residential sphere. Completing work without seeking permission is illegal and will result in an enforcement notice – so it’s vital to acquaint yourself with the system and make your application correctly for your project to be successful. At Unit One Architects, we’re experienced in securing planning permission for our clients and can help you start your development journey.

Building without planning permission

Not all design projects require planning permission – and at Unit One Architects, we can offer you guidance on whether building without planning permission is an option. Small or minor works can be carried out without planning permission but these must be carefully assessed and often need formalising with the Local Council before starting.

For detailed advice on your Permitted Development Rights (elements of work that can be carried out without planning permission), Certificates of Lawfulness, Prior Approval Notices, Pre-Applications, Building Regulations and the many other formal routes towards building, contact Unit One Architects.

For larger scale developments and more intensive home alterations, planning permission is a necessity – and even if isn’t your first time applying, Unit One Architects can help you on the route to approval.

Planning appeals

At Unit One Architects, our planning policy expertise means we can assist you with planning appeals – helping you to unlock difficult sites even when past attempts have failed. Our background in both development and construction means we’re well acquainted with appeal procedures and can help you navigate through the process in a simple and straightforward way.

Contact us today to speak to our expert development consultants about getting planning permission for your project, or to explore the planning appeal process with our experienced architects.