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Concept Design

It’s our mission to transform your development ambitions into outstanding designs – and concept design is what takes your vision from the initial mock-up to a workable blueprint.

After we conduct a feasibility study, the next step is concept design. This is where we take the initial ideas and merge architectural theory and practice through: comprehensive brief taking; site research and analysis; and internal design reviews.


We create workable concept designs for our clients, combining artistic instinct with the technical input needed to make your vision viable. Take a look at what makes our concept design the ultimate architectural action plan.

The Design

At Unit One Architects, we’re experienced in turning client ambitions into visually impactful outcomes. We do this by designing unique spaces that combine sustainable construction with powerful aesthetics. Our concept design brings your proposal to life, evolving from an abstract idea to a feasible project complete with construction specifications – and our innovative approach to architecture guarantees a design that’s not only achievable but extraordinary.

The Logistics

Years of experience in development consultancy have given us a deep understanding of the technical disciplines involved with architecture. A commitment to the practical and financial aspects of every project helps our architects to deliver outstanding outcomes on time and on budget. The concept design provides a framework for all work to follow, and marks the point where buildability and construction logistics are developed – ensuring that the project is well-considered and ultimately workable.

The Strategy

This crucial stage of the architectural process lays the groundwork for what’s to come – and our concept designs make sure the development strategy is built on unshakeable foundations. With one eye on the clock and another on the budget, we create an outline strategy that delivers on your ambitions and puts building blocks in place for the smooth and efficient completion of every project.

Contact us to speak to one of our expert development consultants about your project – and to map out a concrete concept design that works.

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