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About Us

Unit One Architects are a London based group of architects and designers who value innovation and creativity.

We aspire to push the limits of architectural innovation and for us, our architecture is fundamentally driven by the idea of creating beautiful yet technically driven spaces for people to enjoy.

The Team

Christian Pinchin

I use an understanding of development and finance in order to give clients valuable information on home renovations, one off new builds and development opportunities. As well as overseeing the technical and design packages in the office I also advise clients on the programme and planning implications for projects both large and small.

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Vejay Lal

My work at Unit 1 involves securing planning permissions for difficult or previously failed sites, compiling building control packages, and coordinating works on site. I lead projects on site and deal with any site queries as well as the contract administration.

Operating within our core values, we are able to offer a personal, collaborative and friendly approach to each of the services we provide.


With our experience and design skills, we will help you really envisage how your project will look and feel. We will help you realise your goals, dreams and business targets.


We are friendly and honest people who carry things through, we do what we say we are going to do.


Combining our design flair and intelligence, we deliver creative solutions built on a solid technical framework.

We understand that architecture is a technically driven discipline – and we approach every project from a position of knowledge and understanding.

Any creative design solution is only as good as the technical framework it’s built on – and we consider a multitude of external factors throughout the design and execution of any architectural project. Analysing the policy framework, the budget, the marketplace and the environment before we commence the design phase is what makes our outcomes not only beautiful but buildable.